grief + shock = brief sleep

Odd what sleep deprivation, shock and grief will make one do.

I’m blogging and tweeting about my personal life, feelings and emotions (well they may come later).

It’s been a hellish tense week of waiting before my wife could get repeat HCG blood test to see if a most unexpected ‘Christmas present’ positive pregnancy test (which was accompanied by much bleeding and cramps) was going to be viable or not. Last week we had a score of 64, so we were looking for about 1000 today. The hospital had a backlog and kept us waiting (at home luckily) about 11 hours for the result was phoned in (37). So, tears before bedtime and now no motivation to sleep, despite a medicinal hot toddy.

The worst is knowing that it’s not only bad news now, but there’s worse pain and suffering to come. They also want to do another test in two days to see if it’s going away quickly enough or needs ‘intervention’ (last time that happened about 18 months ago infection followed and that was not fun).

Anyway, this is just a brief post to replace the horrid hello world while I’m still concious.


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